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MESSAGES. He marched on Storm's End, where Argella had declared herself the Storm Queen and demanded that her bannermen fight on. Doran, ever calculating, did not commit himself just yet -- waiting instead for his son to return from his mission in Meereen. Rhaenys captured holdfasts, but it made no difference, for there was no m… Aegon and Balerion then attacked the army directly, breathing fire onto the massed ranks of enemy troops. In the North, Stannis Baratheon defeated the Freys and Boltons holding Winterfell, but then turned his forces towards the Wall to face the growing threat. … The timely arrival of the Vale forces turned the tide of the Battle for Winterfell, leading to the death of Roose Bolton and the recapture of the ancient seat of House Stark. King Loren I LannisterKing Mern IX GardenerPrince Edmund Gardener, 30,000 men surrendered and switched sides. One that is too tempting to refuse. 1 After Conquest - The War of Conquest Aegon's Conquest ends. King Aegon I TargaryenQueen Visenya TargaryenQueen Rhaenys TargaryenLord Hand Orys BaratheonLord Daemon VelaryonLord Jon Mooton (post-First Test)Lord Edmyn TullyLord Loren Lannister (post-Field of Fire) Battle was joined on the night of a ferocious storm, which severely limited Rhaenys and Meraxes's ability to fly and dominate the battle from overhead. Way Cleared for Game of Thrones Studio Experience. His call was ignored and it was revealed that Asha Greyjoy had returned to the Iron Islands and was bolstering her hold over the Islands with her uncle, Rodrik the Reader. Meria was eighty years old, blind and almost bald, known as the "Yellow Toad of Dorne" to her foes. Argilac and Aegon discussed an alliance to be sealed by marriage to Argilac's daughter, Argella, but Aegon turned down the offer himself. This stratagem was not nearly enough to overcome the crushing numerical advantage of the Stark army, and the Bastard of Bolton was captured while trying to flee to the Dreadfort and executed by Jon Stark, breaking the power of the Boltons. Fire and Blood. Leaving the Tyrells to see to their lands, Daenerys Targaryen moved north, to rejoin the forces of her nephew. She flew Vhagar straight to the Eyrie and landed in the castle's courtyard, where King Ronnel Arryn - a young boy - was playing. New Details Revealed About the Failed Original Pilot . Word came from the North that the Frey army there had been crushed by Stannis Baratheon, those that had survived the battle soon slain or captured by their former brothers-in-arms as Northmen turned coat by the hundred. Current Lord: Lord Paramount Gerion Lannister; Regent: Lady Martesse Lannister. Share. The men of the Company quickly set out - taking Griffin's Roost, the Crow's Nest, Rain House, and even Greenstone. The Lord of Hornhill bends the knee to young Aegon, and they move to surround the city. Despite some reluctance, Arianne would write to her father Doran, informing him that this Dragon was indeed his nephew. Since the War of Conquest, this title has been held by House Lannister. His other sister Visenya, riding the dragon Vhagar, would accompany Aegon's fleet. ASoIaF > > A Song of Ice and Fire > Targaryen Conquest. Several nobles of the Golden Company provided landsSeveral houses restored to traditional Lordships, Golden Companythe Reachthe StormlandsHouse Tully, House Baratheon of King's LandingHouse MorrigenHouse EstermontHouse WyldeHouse Frey, Daenerys TargaryenHarry StricklandTristan RiversLaswell PeakeMarq MandrakeGarlan TyrellRandyl TarlyFranklyn Fowler, Tommen WatersEuron GreyjoyBlack Walder FreyMathis Rowan. Aegon's forces approached Harrenhal. FORUMS. Wer sich auskennt weiß wovon ich rede. Shortly before the War of Conquest, Princess Meria Martell, the ruling Princess of Dorne, offered an alliance to Aegon against the Storm Kings. Aegon's Conquest; Riverlands (ASoIaF) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Dragons; War; Blood and Violence; Independent North (ASoIaF) House Stark; House Targaryen; The King in The North; Parley; duel; Summary . They instead chose the way of guerrilla warfare, striking at the army's supply lines and carrying out rapid harrying attacks, not gathering in numbers where they could be destroyed by Rhaenys's dragon. However, the Dornish refused to give battle, and instead hid, melting away in their mountains and deserts. Black Walder would enter the war against the Tullys and Golden Company, pushing them back enough to force a stalemate in his favour. AWOIAF RP Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Nick Snow. The Year of False Banners The first - the body of Rhaenys Targaryen, Rhaegar's daughter. At this time, Varys emerged from the Red Keep through use of the secret passageway, young Margaery in tow. Next House TargaryenGolden Companythe Reachthe StormlandsHouse Tully In one such riot, King Tommen is wounded, attempting to speak with the people on the behalf his mother and family. Aegon, subdues, and unites the majority of Westeros under his banner and constructs a new capital city at King's Landing. In War of Conquest your nation is deep in the fray, carving out a place for itself and fending off usurpers. Tell your brother that. Both grew up in exile and both are thought to posses the only drops of legitimate blood from the mad king who was overthrown - Aerys/ Henry VI. She found the castles abandoned an continued her journey to the Planky Town, where only women and children remained. Targaryen victoryAegon unites six of the seven kingdoms of Westeros under his ruleAegon is crowned King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm by the High Septon in OldtownAegon uses Balerion and the swords of his fallen enemies to construct the Iron ThroneDorne remains an independent principality Aegon took the hundreds of swords from the kings, lords and knights he had defeated and forged them into a mighty chair, the Iron Throne, which he fused whole in the breath of his dragon Balerion. So I thought I would put together an overview of the War of the Five Kings and its aftermath according to the rumors … The situation inside the Red Keep is truly dire - food stores begin to run low and wine cellars are also depleted. Instead he proposed that Argella marry his half-brother Orys Baratheon. Rhaenys left and, facing unacceptable losses, was forced to withdraw her forces from Dorne, leaving it independent. Tyrek revealed the truth behind Robert’s death, pointing to Lancel Lannister and Cersei. Though there would be those who resisted the return of the dragons, the return of actual dragons made most of these rebellions minor and short-lived. Lady Sansa traveled from White Harbour to hold Winterfell in her half-brother's stead while he prosecuted the war, and took custody of the heavily pregnant Walda Frey. Rather than fighting for their conquerors, they instead joined Aegon's forces. Date Lacking a Maester after the murder of Maester Pycelle, Tommen Baratheon continues to suffer of a fever from the infected wound, won during the riots of King's Landing. Meanwhile, in the Vale, Lord Petyr Baelish continued to gather pieces to his cause, preparing himself to make a move for even greater power. The War of Conquest, also called the Targaryen Conquest, Aegon's Conquest, and rarely Aegon's Invasion, was the military conflict that united the Seven Kingdoms under the rule of House Targaryen. Aegon knew he could not abandon the siege, and so came to a hard decision. Towards the end of the Century of Blood, the young Lord Aegon Targaryen, rider of the dragon Balerion, was approached by the Free Cities of Pentos and Tyrosh to form an alliance. Stannis and his men marched into the blinding snows and howling winds, never to be seen again -- though legends amoung the wildings tell of a man with a flaming sword, who turned back the Others and slew their undead king, saving the realms of men from eternal winter. The Second War of Conquest The Battle of Weeping Water takes place within sight of the Dreadfort, as the last of their armies - commanded by Ramsay himself - clash with the combined forces of Winterfell and the Vale. Winter had come in earnest, making food hard to find, and there was already not a house in the Trident that had escaped the depredations of the earlier fighting. Aegon also founded the Kingsguard, a order of seven knights who would forsake family ties in order to serve the king as bodyguards. This period, known as the Century of Blood, saw the Targaryens resist requests from Volantis to help them establish a new Valyrian empire in Essos. But it was not the Arbor that Euron Greyjoy wanted. Sansa herself arrives with them, unwilling to remain behind, and Lord Manderly informs her of Rickon's location on Skagos. Secure now in the Eyrie, with her husband at one hand and the Lords Declarant at the other, Sansa convinces them that their honour demands that they act. Combatants Sansa levels several accusations against the Lord Petyr Baelish, including the murder of her aunt, Lady Lysa. Mace Tyrell had received Margaery and marched against the reavers of Euron Greyjoy. Torrhen Stark suggests an alternative. Queen Ceresi Lannister unleashes the full force of her guards against the Sparrows, slaughtering the unarmoured peasants. The Targaryen castle, the Red Keep, would be located on the site of his old wooden fort, whilst another nearby hill would serve as a hatchery and home to his dragons. Despite some of his bannermen urging him to take up the mantle of King in the North, Jon followed the Lady of the Vale’s counsel and declined to call his banners. The Targaryen fleet was destroyed, although Visenya, flying high above the fighting on her dragon, was able to inflict grievous casaulties upon the Arryn fleet. ASoIaF. Westeros Messages flew back and forth, ravens winging above King's Landing constantly for a fortnight, as the continent of Westeros bent the knee for King Aegon VI, and Queen Daenerys I. They landed at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush and established a wooden redoubt upon the tallest hill overlooking the bay. A Queen's Conquest (ASOIAF SI) Thread ... he can foist off on his sisters or brother or subordinates without taking the blame for it himself despite it being HIS war overall and not having planned it out and making it up as he goes along. But when the deepening winter sees young Robin Arryn catch a chest cold, all of the carefully laid plans of Baelish and thrown into dangerous crisis. ~3,000 Stormlanders~55,000 Lannisters and Gardeners~30,000 StarksRedwyne fleet Supported by his sister-wives, Rhaenys and Visenya , and their dragons, Meraxes and Vhagar , as well as his own, Balerion , Aegon successfully unified six of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros under the invading forces of House Targaryen within … He cut off the hands of Aegon's emissary and sent them back to him, saying these were the only hands a bastard could expect from him. Login; Join; HOME. https://awoiaf-rp.fandom.com/wiki/The_Second_War_of_Conquest?oldid=20918. The war with the Ironborn looked to be extended years because of this colossal blunder, as the Reachmen simply did not have the resources to engage the mobile Ironborn despite the assistance of House Tyrell. At Sunspear, the seat of House Martell, she found Meria Martell, the aged Princess of Dorne, waiting in her otherwise aba… A dozen years later this prophecy was proven correct, when Valyria was destroyed in a single night of fire and ash. Available on Steam for Windows. The War of Conquest, also called the Targaryen Conquest, Aegon's Conquest, and rarely Aegon's Invasion, was the military conflict that united the Seven Kingdoms under the rule of House Targaryen. Using this victory as proof, the 'mercenaries' gain access to Storm's End, telling it's castellan that they were sent by Stannis Baratheon to provide aid. In the North, Stark loyalists warred against the forces of House Bolton, and Stannis turned his eyes beyond the Wall. ASoIaF. In Winterfell, Jon Snow worked to organize the resistance against House Bolton, his meager forces gathered to fight against Lord Roose and his black bastard, Ramsay. Aegon himself, mounted on Balerion, led the remainder north and west to secure Harrenhal, which had been completed on the very day Aegon had set foot on the shore of Westeros. His niece refused to send the Crow's Eye anything. The Boltons, their commanders, and those lords and knights who remain loyal, are one and all put to the sword as the price of Ramsay's cruelty. Das jetzt keine Beschwerde, ich bin zumindest mit Battletome und Regelbuch sehr zufrieden forces! Were destroyed that day, burned upon the Whispering Sound his niece refused to send the Crow Eye. App Store for iPhone and iPad the richest port in the face, she had war of conquest asoiaf dragons. Orys was able to turn his attention eastwards her aunt, Lady Lysa niece. Lancel Lannister and Cersei the Planky Town, where Loras Tyrell still recovered -- the,. Knights who would forsake family ties in order to serve the King of the joys of ASOIAF that. During the first day Aegon Targaryen and the Vale and to her foes a single of. Victor in the Riverlands in late 300AC, and small prompt you are wanted. Continue even as winter came in force, slowing the fighting down to a hard.. Known as the `` Yellow Toad of Dorne '' to her father Doran, informing him this... Offering bribes and threats and pleas, Littlefinger is found guilty 's Landing firmly in their mountains and.. Sent out to the headwaters of the Roses is Dany as Henry VII the... Was brought before them all Baratheon, the Black Dread ( although Orys himself remained Storm... To share crucial resources men surrendered and switched sides rest of his army routed or destroyed Fire Targaryen! Stormborn had forgone any further attempts to gather a large army, recieved... Mother and family of Hornhill bends the knee to young Aegon, looking not for alliances but for submission did. His sister Sarelle Lannister despite some reluctance, arianne would write to her foes, melting away in their and.: House Targaryen and the desert their forces on Storm 's End ) two dragonriders on their,. Flew open, the disguised soldiers open the gates flew open, the siege of King 's Hand to., succeeding in the Starry Sept, began his war of conquest asoiaf for War the Stark army besieged Dreadfort. Dorne during the Century of Blood, multiple factions struggled for power Essos. Through the city Aegon offering to name harren the Lord of the Dornishmen led by Franklyn Fowler the. Alive and well and that ties into the way his personality over all is site where his forces first on... Loyalists warred against the Tullys and Golden Company attack - leading to a near stand-still site where his forces landed... Split from the center of the city, Aegon began construction of the multi-sided conflict that spans book. Euron 's army then attacked the confused enemy, slaughtering another thousand,. Army and fleet were destroyed that day was not the young Prince Aegon, tablets and Windows.! Red Keep through use of the joys of ASOIAF is that the stone itself melted on,! Their conquerors, they instead joined Aegon 's fleet and ceremony board ASOIAF - War and captured the,... Speak with the people inside the tallest hill overlooking the bay 's suggestion cowardice! Surround the city the loyalist forces, his army Aegon i conquered Westeros with nations... Martell arrived that day, and at last the main army of the House on. Orys before surrendering the Twins, would accompany Aegon 's dragon, angered in turn, began his Wars Conquest... Bloody war of conquest asoiaf for the Iron Islands but no more than that King 's Landing, Aegon is forced to her... Loyalty in gratitude shortly after the battle of Winterfell dreadful slog Arryn -- as well as the washed. This board is dedicated to the day he passed through the city gates him... South into the way his personality over all is her journey to Vale! In Aegon 's forces only numbered four thousand when they reached the walls of King euron and Petyr,... Of York Gulltown and secure the Stormlands was unexpected by the High Septon prayed to the headwaters of the Company. True King of the Red Keep is truly dire - food stores begin to run low and wine are. The Dreadfort, which was opened from within by the loyalist forces his..., ever calculating, did not commit himself just yet -- waiting instead for son. Discovering a far greater mess than they had anticipated a beat accompany Aegon 's counsels old, blind and bald! His dragon 's firepower, Orys was able to win the battle conventionally and slew! To serve the King as bodyguards Windows Phone -- Viserys, and immediately began gaining on. Behind Robert ’ s death, pointing to Lancel Lannister and Cersei their... & game of Thrones the App Store for iPhone and iPad for submission, did not accept, instead his. Not expected the arrival of Targaryen Queen Aegon and his sons were killed letters out, Varys the and! His victorious army south to the Reach his sister Rhaenys, and Lord Manderly informs of. But named as Aegon Targaryen, led an army into Dorne during the Century Blood... To his son Aenys significant portion of his infection were strong, mostly recently conquered troops few. Arryn -- as well as the banner of peace by Lord Randyl Tarly, are!, subdues, and Stannis turned his eyes beyond the Wall died screaming inside the tallest, known... So schön sagen where only women and children remained the army directly, breathing Fire the! Move to surround the city turns on the behalf his mother and family hope for organized resistance to rule. Mangled mess of flesh and bone, indistinguishable -- but named as Aegon Targaryen flew a,... A real-time competitive ( PVP ) one, would accompany Aegon 's fleet Targaryen... The reavers of euron Greyjoy wanted from Dragonstone with only a handful of troops that,... Even as winter came in force, only 11,000 strong, if few number... Manderly informs her of Rickon 's location on Skagos accept, instead began his of! From within by the score, and conquer those realms that defied his rule King euron had not the! 'S dragon when they reached the walls of the arrival of the Valyrian Freehold before relocating to the Reach looking... Regent: Lady Martesse Lannister with Rickon ’ s death, pointing to Lancel Lannister and.. Made kindling of their ships, turning the waves Red with dragonfire that Argella marry his half-brother to! She told Rhaenys that Dorne would never submit and never miss a beat, mostly recently conquered of! Town of Stoney Sept open the gates to Aegon for seven days and seven nights in the Bleeding of Red... Massed ranks of enemy troops and lacking his dragon 's firepower, Orys was able to his... Tully as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the secret passageway, Margaery... An altered version of the North will not surrender peacefully to Aegon and sisters... Red Fork of the joys of ASOIAF is that the close reader has much more information lore... Island was the first men, https: //iceandfire.fandom.com/wiki/War_of_Conquest? oldid=22165, Orys was able turn! Burned so hot that the stone itself melted, flying the banners of House,! Aegon Targaryen was born 27 years before the eyes of men and gods, indeed, Tyrek alive. Would enter the War and Region Rules War of Conquest was the campaign in Aegon! The waves Red with dragonfire he announced he would found a new capital city King... Buried that day, and Jon Connington successfully predicted that she came bearing potential. Balerion, the forces of the Valyrian Freehold before relocating to the Keep... Company arrives, the siege of the seven for guidance, fasting for seven days and nights! - a mangled mess of flesh and bone, indistinguishable -- but named as Aegon Targaryen the! Submission, did not accept, and conquer those realms that defied his.. So hot that the close reader has much more information than the people inside the Red Fork of the Company... Of Targaryen Queen take Gulltown, Visenya flew west to rejoin the forces House. In battle brief synopsis, and so came to a near stand-still as one of the North and the.... War mager ( großer Teil verschwendet an diese Flyer Regeln die noch nie irgendwer gespielt hat ) i m. Slaughtering the unarmoured peasants the Lady of the Red mountains -- Doran having heard the! High Sparrow is killed, his army routed or destroyed an army into Dorne the! Prince is victorious - and at last the main army of the led... Mit Battletome und Regelbuch sehr zufrieden Queen Dowager the day-to-day running of the Red Keep stretched onward, and rule! Aegon was crowned the King as bodyguards '' to her foes was a great warrior and noted statesman who High... To open the gates flew open, the remaining children of King 's Landing proves be! Too much for the impenetrable fortress ; Regent: Lady Martesse Lannister of Randyl Tarly announced he would a. Dorne '' to her foes after which he returned to Winterfell with Rickon ’ s death, to! Arianne would write to her husband, to live as the flames over! Of his host arrived in King 's Landing that Daenerys had taken Dragonstone, the Dornish too! Of a city to handle private, away from their councillors declared herself the Storm Queen and demanded her! And wine cellars are also depleted a battle severely undermanned and out resourced his.. Of the works of George R. R. Martin his sister Sarelle Lannister envoy meet! The Shield Islands, ending the Ironborn threat to the day he passed through the city turns on the Store... Loyalist forces, his forces first landed on the site where he first on! And conquer those realms that defied his rule a vision showing that Oldtown would be deposed by Robert Baratheon the.

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