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George Biddle Kelley was the first African-American Engineer registered in the State of New York. Troy, Rensselaer County, New York, USA. Born in 1884 to a fugitive slave from Virginia, Kelley would excel in studies in his youth before he matriculated to Cornell University to study civil engineering. He provided much work on the construction of the Barge Canal during the 1920′s, before transferring to the Department of Taxation and Finance as an Auditor in 1920, where he remained until 1952. He became the first African-American engineer registered in the state of New York. Joseph Dunford, né le 8 décembre 1955 à Boston (Massachusetts), est un général à la retraite du Corps des Marines des États-Unis.Il est le 19 e chef d'État-Major des armées des États-Unis, en fonction du 1 er octobre 2015 au 30 septembre 2019 [2].. … A marker was rededicated by the local graduate chapter, Beta Pi Lambda and the Omicron Upsilon Chapter at Renasselaer Polytechnic Institute. Kelley credited his father’s spirit and influence for given him vision in establishing the fraternity. Poindexter became the first President of Alpha Phi Alpha; under his leadership, the first banquet, initiation procedures, and policies were introduced. The Kelley family lived at 1 113th Street in Lansingburgh starting around 1909. The next six years following the anniversary convention saw Jewel Kelley’s health decline and his convention attendance shortened. Kelley was described as sometimes conservative, unyielding and adamant. The artist spent May and June in Charleston, where he produced a large folio of drawings of the local people involved in everyday activities from which the illustrations for the libretto of … Template:Alpha Phi Alpha Founders George Biddle Kelley (born in August 24,1884 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States) was one of the seven founders (commonly referred to as Jewels) of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University in 1906, and Alpha chapter’s first President. Jewel Kelley wrote on December 12,1936: “I can hardly realize that Bro. George Biddle Kelley (1884-1962) engineer, Alpha Phi Alpha cofounder, Troy NAACP cofounder. Biography [edit | edit source]. Among other endeavors, he was employed by the New York Engineering Department, where he worked on the Barge Canal, a collection of state waterways, during the 1920s. After an introduction by Past General President Henry Lake Dickason, Kelley prefaced his remarks with comments on the preamble of the organization. Summary Programs + Results Financials Operations. Kelley was popular with the Brotherhood. Jewel Kelley would often remind the brotherhood of a story about the support of his brothers in time of need. Death. As the group began to take shape into the fraternity, Jewel Kelley lent his time to the Committee on Initiation along with Jewels Charles Henry Chapman, Vertner Woodson Tandy and Henry Arthur Callis. George Biddle Kelley. At Cornell he and six others founded the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity in 1906 the … The George Biddle Kelley Education Foundation (GBK), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, was formed with a mission to engage in activities that provide information, resources, advocacy, programs and services to assist in the development of strong families in at risk communities. When this band of men began to meet and acquaint themselves with each other at social gatherings, they found their association delightful. Ogle is not with us. Ruling year info. A childhood friend of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he played a major role in establishing the Federal Art Project (1935–43), which employed artists under the Works Progress Administration. Jewel Kelley, though born and steeped in the traditions of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, converted and was ordained an Elder at the Liberty Presbyterian Church. Main address. Ida Cemetery, also in Troy. It is not just that as a founder, I should urge and insist that the undergraduate members of the fraternity should be given more of an opportunity of shaping the policies and governing the Fraternity which was founded by undergraduates primarily for them.”. His disposition and emotional response to many situations revealed the uncompromising nature of his personality. General President Wesley reminded Kelley that there were no politics involved in the selections of guest “Jewels.” In a reference to Jewel Murray’s appearance at the convention, Wesley remarked, “I have neither preference or opposition to either one of you. Born to Richard and Mathilda Decker Kelley, George was the grandson of one of the most cultured and These ancestors of Jewel Kelley were pioneers in organized religion and education and were personal friends of Harriet Tubman and other freedom seekers who lived in the North and the Northwestern part of New York state. At the Twenty-ninth General Convention in Louisville, Kentucky in 1941, Jewel Kelley would have the fight of his life, when there was a move by several brothers to add an instrument associated with African natives to the fraternity’s shield. He passed on May 5, 1962. Biography Education. A fashion designer, she also studied at New York University and the Oswego Normal College. “I saw in my vision my ancestors who had been in slavery, my father who had escaped from that despicable system and had gone back south as a soldier in the Union Army to help in subduing of those who held him in bondage. George Biddle (January 24, 1885 – November 6, 1973) was an American painter, muralist and lithographer, best known for his social realism and combat art. Kelly’s father was a veteran of a Civil War regiment from Massachusetts. I was told once a man was rejected because of his color. At the third Annual Convention in Philadelphia in December 1910, Jewel Kelley was one of several alumni members present including Jewel Henry Arthur Callis, Moses A. Morrison and George Lyle. Kelley was appointed treasurer of the literary group which evolved from the gatherings. Home | George Biddle Kelley. Show more addresses Contact Information × Close. Jewel Kelley was the guest founder at the Thirty- third General Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1947. He is credited for the name of the Fraternity. Jewel Callis however, rose to resign from the board citing that he thought Kelley should be on the board, “because our first President…by his untiring efforts and loyalty helped to establish Alpha Phi Alpha to its present standard.” Brother Jones resigned in favor of Callis and both Callis and Kelley were on the Board of Directors. on July 28, 1884, George Biddle Kelley was born to Richard and Mathilda Decker Kelley. During the days of C.C. I am therefore writing to assure you that I will be glad to give whatever support I can…Prior to going on vacation, I visited the office of the Secretary of State at Albany and made some notes on the original incorporation of Alpha Chapter. More. Together, they planned the first initiation banquet on Tuesday, October 30, 1906 at Odd Fellows Hall. Kelley attended the Troy Military Academy, a military preparatory school. His mother, Mathilda Decker Kelley, was born in New York; his father Richard Kelley was an escaped slave from Virginia who fought for the Union Army in the Civil War. Kelley studied at the Troy Military Academy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and finally the College of Civil Engineering at Cornell (1905–1908). Decker, was one of the most cultured and capable preachers and pastors of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in the 19th century. EVENTS. He places man here for brief while to enjoy the fruits of his beneficence and while enjoying them to gain for himself immortality in the only way possible-by joining with others in helping make the dream of the good life a reality for everyone by helping establish the Kingdom of God solidly in the hearts of men. As a young man he attended the Troy Military Academy, a military preparatory school. If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this page, visit the Kelley was popular with the Brotherhood. He studied at the Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute before entering the College of Civil Engineering at Cornell University in 1905, where he graduated in 1908. Entered Omega Chapter in 1959: Robert Harold Ogle. Telegrams were received from throughout the nation including Governor Nelson A. Rockerfeller, U.S. He died in 1963. Kelley was described as … George Biddle Kelley Education Foundation Inc Albany, NY | was born in Troy, New York. Half a century is such a long span for the life of an organization such as ours that one cannot but thank the Almighty who has shaped its existence. Kelley attended the Troy Military Academy, a military preparatory school. A few years later, a second founder entered Omega Chapter, Jewel Robert Harold Ogle. In the small town of Troy, New York, General President Wesley, though not contacted by Jewel Kelley, found out about his concern. He worked many years for the New York State Barge Canal, and later went on to being a very successful tax consultant. The matinee was located in Utica. #StayHome. Let every brother be truly a BROTHER, PROMOTE HIS INTEREST AS IF IT WERE YOURS and show to the world that ALPHA PHI ALPHA stands for more than mere words.” —Jewel George Biddle Kelley, December 1935. George Biddle Kelley. Alpha Chapter's First President : First African American Engineer registered in the state of New York : Member of Beta Pi Lambda Chapter : Entered Omega Chapter in 1963: Nathaniel Allison Murray. George Biddle Kelley lived there until his death in 1862. Brother Kelley was elected as the first President of Alpha Chapter. Jewel Kelley passionately asked the brotherhood to forego their fun and frivolity: “If all the chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha would forego the giving of a formal for just one year and donate the unusual assessment in an Alpha fund we could build or buy a National Headquarters as large or larger than any for which the organization is hoping.”. As the director in the Central YMCA and member of the Boys Work committee of the “Y”, Jewel Kelley served as Vice Chairman of the Troy Council of the New York State Anti-Discrimination Commission. She was a graduate of the Dickinson High School and the Traphagen School of Fashion in New York. Jewel Kelley stated “that was the feeling that prevailed among the “Jewels.”. Mission. Part of the handiwork is man to whom God bequests his earth and the fullness thereof. I am enclosing this abstract for your benefit.”. During the year of 1907-1908, a resolution was adopted towards incorporation. At the Twenty-seventh General Convention in New York in 1939, Jewel Kelley, along with Jewels Tandy, Murray and Callis were recognized. While the leaders of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and the Eastern Region aim to maintain a “business as usual” approach, we urge you to protect yourself and your love ones by practicing social distancing. Major General William Phillips Biddle (December 15, 1853 – February 24, 1923) was the 11th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps.. He served as the first president of Alpha Chapter and chairman of the first Ritual Committee. U.S. Marines leaving New York City in 1909 for deployment in Nicaragua. His father migrated from Virginia as a fugitive slave during the Civil War, and his … The organization has become so honeycombed with politics that one group may do anything to defeat the purpose of the other… It has never been in the past nor will it be in the future my desire to ask for any favors from the Fraternity because I am a Founder. Major General William Phillips Biddle (December 15, 1853 – February 24, 1923) was the 11th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps Biography. In an editorial in the 1948 edition of The Sphinx, Jewel Kelley remarked again about undergraduate relationships: “The undergraduate should be allowed a still greater participation in the management of the fraternity as it relates to them….All programs as to fraternity activities in local communities should be, as far as possible, through the direction of undergraduate brothers.”. George Biddle Kelley (GBK) Education Foundation, Albany, NY. Not only was he the strongest proponent of the Fraternity idea among the organization's founders, the civil engineering student also became Alpha Chapter's first President. "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY is the only school that has a Jewel buried near it's campus. His father migrated from Virginia as a fugitive slave during the Civil War, and his mother came from a long line of distinguished Hudson River citizens who were established in Newburgh, New York.

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