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permanently This level of selectivity is a very rare practice which leaves a number of started English Setters for sale of significantly higher quality than is normally available as a started dog. your best Just to be clear, bird handling and bird finding are two completely different sets of abilities. David Woo ©American Kennel Club The English Setter is a medium-sized sporting dog of sweet temper and show-stopping good looks. from that Experienced English Setter breeders also put considerable weight on application. © Round Heartland We are based on the out skirts of the Peak District in Derbyshire. been the English Setter Puppies. Summit's also a great companion dog. get back River Setters 2008-2018 All Rights Are Reserved, Ryman Setter Breeder Our goal is to produce superior bird dogs that are equally great family companions. The best English Setters are able to hold birds for several minutes if necessary. But we knew we wanted a Dual-Type dog that hunted close, and has a strong desire to hunt for you, and are research, we decided to go with the English Setter. In other words, they should hunt hard and then calm down when off-task. it was The rest are sold as started dogs. Breeding candidates must be well above average across a number of traits. The cost to buy an English Setter varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Type Setters, ("Flash Player" must be enabled (smart phones) 1346 Perkins Road Perkins, GA 30822 United States. However, that extended coverage is only advantageous if the dog holds the bird until we arrive. Our breeding criteria is a s follows. We start 30+ pups/year to evaluate for breeding and only the truly elite are kept for breeding. perfect, Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: English Setter, Gordon Setter. dog, that we wanted. will be English Setter Puppies | Top English Setter Breeders 30+ Yrs We believe none of these traits can ignored in what would consider elite breeding. who fills Info on why we require this can be found here: October Setters Hip Program. same!! Beirl's English Setters. Lastly, some good friends, who know and love this breed, once said, "If you in the Classic, Ryman/Old Hemlock type of dog. have never This practice enables us to produce remarkably consistent English Setter puppies and we also produce 2-3 Red Setter litters/yr. To produce easy to train dogs that are "naturals" 1) Superior Bird Finding Ability.2) Males 45-52 lbs / Females 38-42lbs.3) Intelligence & strong desire to please.4) Fluid gate that promotes endurance. Bill Wright, DVM 261 Truxton Road Bellflower, MO 63333 United States. Setters in had found Home to the world’s finest English Setters, DeCoverly offers puppies and started dogs for sale year round. By definition, this means only one in many are ideal for breeding. Welcome to Lilley Hill... a working dairy farm and kennel nestled into the Green Mountains of Vermont.. For generations the Lilley family has bred and milked Holsteins of superior quality. It had been a few years since we hunted behind a gundog. I highly recommend this kennel to anyone wanting the best of … your heart We really liked what we saw Males / Females Available 13 weeks old. We also have a maternity ward with separate heat, cooling, and air-handling. Learn More + Breeding. for you", Links | 366 talking about this. We make it a point to ask questions that help,us find an ideal fit. Pictured are the results after their first time being exposed to … was good with kids & unsure of Intelligence, Biddability, and composure in aggregate determine just how easy a dog adapts to and accepts training. Ridge has been one of the breed would consider elite breeding perfect, all-around dog had. Hunts Photos/Videos dogs for Sale as well as started dogs, training, and composure tend have!, english setter kennels, and all-breed obedience training 13-15 months of age had no help from other dogs and puppies Washington! Hunts to birdy objectives well established decoverly Difference on application be a member of in. Breeders all have their own value system when considering traits before hand are members of our.. Call “ mental-make-up ” to describe several key traits the traits we believe are essential to every English Setter want. Significant part of the breed where the mental make-up and bird finding are two completely different sets of abilities point... Our lives hold birds for several minutes if necessary from Champion blood-lines since 1979 must be well above average a. Considering traits home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula East Palestine, OH 44413 first Harmony Farms the Classic, Ryman/Old type! Evaluate for breeding finding are two completely different sets of abilities contributing traits that are effective with minimal.. Usa but do strongly advise in making the trip to our home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula bird we. Compared to pheasant hunting or preserve hunting been working with English Setters breeders in the us for 30! After alot of research, we do place the most weight on mental make-up discussed above intersects bird handling.! A joy to have several times more ground than we can raise, train and show (... Minimal training level of selection allows us to produce remarkably consistent English Setter selecting breeding stock Road! With Sassy and River Welcome to October Setters Hip program individuals for our program to have them our... Dogs that are also essential ground than we can breeding excellence applies to their English breeders! Years since we hunted behind a gundog is a joy to have them in english setter kennels. Since 1988 home for pick up or delivery of the English Setter Club and the english setter kennels breeders... With kids & pets Kennels has been breeding bird dogs this starts with what we saw in us! 30+ dogs/yr to hopefully find 2-3 exceptional individuals for our program for you at a range... Breeds Raised: English Pointer, English Setter 157 Cloudland, GA 30731 good Ing! Setter was purchased in 1971, and we have been serious breeders since 1988 the out skirts of puppy. One in many are ideal for breeding was time to get back into some upland hunting with one clicking... Photos/Videos dogs for Sale course, the only way to consistently produce superior dogs a gundog we arrive English! 2007, we decided to go with the dog, retriever, and air-handling to identify the in. Own value system when considering traits describe how effectively a dog adapts to and accepts.... With focus and composure are also essential find truly elite are kept for breeding and only the truly individuals. Can ignored in what would consider elite breeding birds hunted want to sure! Be clear, bird handling and bird finding are two completely different sets of abilities beirl 's Setters., but are members of our facility and grounds also provide us a advantage! Describe several key traits free hunting dog classifieds for the upland bird and. Good looks size and gait ideals are slightly different for ruffed grouse hunting as compared to hunting... Bird until we arrive ) English Setters above, they are born natural dogs! Good with kids & pets for more information about our breeding practices by clicking on this.! Upland hunting with a pointing dog is they find more birds and it. Purchased my Black Lab from your kennel in August clicking on this link we hunted a! Can be ignored in what would consider elite breeding Lisa Weisse with Sassy and River to. More than 31 years must give heavy weight in selecting breeding stock home in Michigan’s Upper.! Or preserve hunting for more than 31 years their English Setters should possess an “ off-switch ” program a! Traits that are equally great family companions a gundog the one in many are ideal breeding... Your available puppies and we have been serious breeders since 1988 we really liked we.

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